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Lectio Divina…an old man learns

December 4, 2016

LECTIO DIVINA- what old Milt might describe as Divine Reading.

It works in Bippus, and at your place, too. 

In an effort to get right with the Creator, old Milton started a new daily practice in reading the Holy Gospels.  Not just yer average -start at the beginning and read all the way through-type Divine Readings, but a more focused approach.

And only the four gospels.  Only Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The four descriptions of the Word come to life.  Direct quotes, mysterious stuff.


Describing the Process

Milton was advised to start with the Gospel of Luke. Easy peasy. Go to a quiet place. OK.  Ask for the Lord’s blessing in your efforts.  Surely.   Then read the passage slowly. Remember this is a short passage, so take your time.  Relax.   Did any particular word or phrase resonate with you?  Meditate for a moment on that.  Maybe a moment more.

Read the passage again, slower.  Linger on every word.  It should not be more than , say, a hundred words.  Proceed slowly, listening carefully.  How does the passage make you FEEL?  Tell Him how it makes you feel.  Ask Him if it should make you feel differently.  The hotline is open and Milton says he’s pretty durn sure you won’t hurt His feelings.  Tell Him.


Then read the passage OUT LOUD.  Listen to the sound of the words as you speak them.  Does something different pop out at you?  Is that something relevant in your life, today?  Ask Him for guidance and strength, what should I take away from this reading?


Finally, and most importantly, sit (or lay down?) and rest.  Take a few to several-and-a couple moments to rest quietly, and listen.  Listen to your thoughts.  Meditate on the words that you found so striking.  And ponder, what is the Word asking of me???  LISTEN for the answer.


Then GO DO IT!

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