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About Hunting Buddies

November 20, 2014

Hunting Buddies are a Special Breed

So Milton has had plenty of WORK but has not had a JOB since the end of February.  He got some calls about heading into Northern Michigan to pursue the elusive Whitetail Deer, from the men that he has been adventuring with for twenty-some years.

No, he would say, I can’t afford to spend the money.  It is a 300 mile drive, the non-resident fees are outrageous, and job hunting is the number one priority.  Sorry, friend, but Milton just can’t do it.

And then came The Call.

The Call

“Look, Milton, we all want you to be there.  You can do the internet job search from the local library.  It won’t cost you anything once you get to camp.  We will buy your license and your food.  And your drink.  Just be there.”

So Milton spoke to Mrs. Milton about THE CALL, and was shocked to hear her say that he should do it.

And the deal was sealed.

What deer camp looked like back then

What deer camp looked like back then

The Trip

So it is a six hour drive from Bippus to the deer camp in the Manistee National Forest.  That means you don’t make it there on one tank of gas.  And Milton doesn’t go into the forest with less than half a tank of gas.  But he got there.  And he hunted.  And the friends hunted.  And there were stories, and pranks and the best field latrine that this group has ever had the pleasure to use.

But most of all there was camaraderie.  Just good old time experiences with people that enjoy each others company.  And two weeks in the woods, with a bunch of great guys.

And, Oh Yeah, one of the men actually harvested a whitetail deer.  And some squirrels.

Milton’s hat is off to those good friends that made it all possible.  THANK YOU, HUNTING BUDDIES!  You guys are the best.

and they fight for love

and they fight for love

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