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Permanent Agriculture

October 19, 2014

or being the Laziest Gardener on the block

Greetings, dear Reader and welcome back to the plains of Northeast Indiana. This morning we got our first hard frost, so thank goodness the squash were gathered and brought inside last night.  We still have some dry beans outside, waiting to be shucked.  They should be fine.

As we get older, we get “less motivated”.  Or as MIlton says, lazier.

And that is why the latest video from permaculturist Geoff Lawton was of such interest.  Geoff Lawton at produces some of the best “lazy gardener” videos Milton has viewed.  His latest, titled a Canadian Urban Garden, visits a Calgary, Alberta, Canada couple who claim to grow 100% of their own vegetables.  On an ordinary, city lot, with a growing season that spans May to September, this couple has implemented what might be considered an auto-grow system.

Watch and Learn

If you visit Geoff’s site, and you should, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address.  Clickety-click and then you can begin watching his videos.  And they are stunning.  The Canadian adventure shows a rocket-stove heated greenhouse, that extends the Calgary growing season to … (wait) …

(any guesses from Readerland?)…

(a place that regularly gets down to -40 Celsius)…

Would you believe year round?

These folks harvest all their rainwater.  Heat with passive solar.  Grow all their own vegeys.  And grow some of their food that is essentially labor free.  Now that is interesting to old Milton.  And if you are getting older, and lazier, then it ought to be of interest to you too.  Have a peek.

And thank Milton in the comments, below.

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