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Rippen ‘Em Out

October 3, 2014

Goodbye Tomato Plants!

So the Bippus evenings have been consistently down in the fifties (and even forties, yikes!).  Milton’s tomatoes really don’t like cool evenings, they much prefer temps in the eighties.  So even though there are plenty of yellow, orange, orangish-red tomatoes on the vines, they just were not ripening like they do in the summer.  Milton exhibited great patience while estimating when he could collect a full bushel of ripe tomatoes.

On the second of October, the call was made.

Nothing Goes to Waste when you keep Chickens

So there was Old Milton with a bushel basket and a five gallon pail out in the tomater patch.  While patience is a virtue, it also leads to spoiled vegeys.  Many of the red tomaters had black spots, bird pecks, worm holes and other *imperfections*.  Not a problem.  Those imperfect tomatoes went into the five gallon pail which was then dumped into the chicken pen.  They LIKE the extra protein provided by WORMS, PICNIC BEETLES,  GRUBS, and those other non-descript insect critters.  And they get all the green tomatoes, too.

Seed Saving, Anyone?

Some of the nicer tomato specimens were set aside for seed collecting.  Milton basically cuts the tomato into fourths, scrapes the seed *glob* into a small jar, and fills the jar with water.

Tomato Seeds in the Gel Packs

Tomato Seeds in the Gel Packs

Then labels the jar as to the type of seed in it.  Later, he pours off the top with the floater seeds and the water.  The last little bit is poured out onto a paper towel, capturing the seeds. This process is repeated until all the seed-gel is gone.  The seeds are then dried in the sun (keep the birdies away!) and packed away to be stored in the freezer.

All the plants are ripped up, one at a time, and all the tomatoes stripped off the vine.  All in all, Milton got a nearly full bushel for makin sauce with.

And so the kitchen, for the last time in 2014, has that wonderful, condensing tomato sauce aroma.
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