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Fooling Mother Nature?

June 10, 2014

Can one fool Mother Nature?

So we went away for a weekend, and had some adventures in southwest Michigan.  On returning, Old Milton went out to check on the outdoor poultries,  and Oh, What a Surprise!

A Baby!

African Goose,Pekin Duck, and baby Chinese Goose

African Goose,Pekin Duck, and baby Chinese Goose

We have some waterfowl.

All the Waterfowl

All the Waterfowl

In order of age, oldest to youngest are …a male African Goose, a female White Pekin duck, and a pair of White Chinese Geese.  So when the girls started laying eggs, we separated the two “pairs”.  We ate the duck eggs as they appeared, carefully replacing the duck eggs with goose eggs.  She continued to set on the nest.  And set.  And set.

The unofficial count was 23 days.


And then, the white duck hatched out a baby.  A BABY GOOSE.  We had fooled Mother Nature!


The white goose is not a good setter, but the white duck was.  Now she is the proud mama, leading her adopted baby all around.  And the gray goose is a jealous foster parent.  He does not like anyone getting near to the new baby.


It is interesting that the duck’s instinct to set on the nest even though she had not been bred was so strong.  And the goose has fertilized eggs, but is only a nominal setter.

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