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It is What it is

October 9, 2013

A little musical interlude…


It Is What It Is, til It Ain’t, Anymore


Latest news reports notwithstanding, things still look pretty bad.  The idjits that run our grubmint, have furloughed about 17% of the grubmint, but agreed to pay them, the *non-essential* part, for staying home.  Meanwhile, they have been *ordered* to make things as ugly as possible- shutting down fishing sites, and open ocean, keeping old veterans out of memorials built in their honor.

Uncle Milton says, “So What?”.  He was part of a downsizing of the private sector, where a similar percentage of the workforce was “laid off”, a euphemism for getting fired, which was permanent, and sent packing.  So what.


It is what it is.

Then the arseholes voted to PAY the non-essential grub-mint workers for not doing anything.   WHAT!  You could have saved a few bucks.  You should have just fired the non-essentials, but that is not the way people in charge of YOUR money operate.

No way.  It would be unfair.  Even though they have already spent us into financial Armageddon, piss away a little more.

It is what it is.

Not worth getting yourself worked up about.

Unless you have kids and grandkids and care about their future.

Til it ain’t, Anymore

And that is what Milton thinks we are headed for.  Ain’t.   Anymore.  The idjits that we have allowed to run our grubmint are spending us into nothingness.







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