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IF You Care, Take ACTION

August 23, 2013


Old Uncle Milton has had an attitude problem as of late.  Just plain didn’t care.  Had the perception that others didn’t care, so why should Old Uncle Milton care?  Developed the idea that words, words, and more words were just not going to fix anything.

And they won’t.

It is going to take ACTION if anything is going to get fixed.


if you are still reading, then presumably, you, dear reader, consider yourself a person of action.  You want to DO SOMETHING to help heal our insane world.  Read on…

Consider the following link to an article written by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker:    If You Care, This Is The Start

As a Real American, the only power you have left is the power of the purse (or wallet, for you manly-men).  You have FRN’s, others want them.  (Note- for newer readers at the View from Bippus, FRN’s are those federal reserve notes that substitute for real, lawful honest money).  And what Denninger advocates is ONLY transferring your hard earned FRN’s to people that are of a like mind, Real Americans;  people that believe in what America was founded on.

That’s what you can do.  That is what Old Uncle Milton can do.  That is what self-governed Real Americans SHALL DO.

Do it for the children.


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