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Anyone Can Farm

February 16, 2013

Traditional Farming Skills Workshops

Welcome, dear reader.Baker's Pigs

The good people up at Baker’s Green Acres have a new, helpful program underway and it can help both you and them.  The thing is called ANY ONE CAN FARM  and they are offering the chance to learn traditional farming skills, taught by experts.  So click on the hyperlink, and Old Uncle Milton will wait right here while you watch the roughly six and a half minute video of Mark Baker explaining about producing your own calories for consumption.

One calorie at a time.

Do the Thing…

So if you watched Mr Baker then you probably caught on that he wants each of us to improve our skill set, to be able to say “I am a farmer”.  That would mean that we are probably (like right now) getting our ALMOST FREE JIFFY POTS

assembled and starting some seeds in a sunny, south facing window.  Tomato plants are one favorite option, and you just can’t have too many tomato plants now can you?

Again, if you watched the linked video above, you probably heard Mark say, his neighbors can rely on him.  And he can rely on them.   So if you did have too many tomato *starts* that make it to the transplant stage, I’ll bet your neighbors could find a place to set a few of your *extras* in.  (And love you for it  (-;   )

“Do the thing”.

Perhaps you are considering pastured poultry, to be grown at home.  Uncle Milton thinks that is a grand idea.  Consider FREEDOM RANGERS  or some other breed known to be active foragers.  And Mark Baker can teach you everything he knows, through his anyone can farm program.   Protein- – -one calorie at a time.

What is important is to do the thing.  Take some action.  Make a move toward increasing your resiliency, and toward  the ability to produce your own carbohydrates, and protein.

Just do the thing.  Peace.

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