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Assault on The Militia

January 25, 2013

Old Bag from California Begins Assault

Diane Feinstein at Press Conference

Ruling Class Member Finkelbeaner made the first assault against all able bodied gun owners (The Militia)  in America today.  The arrogant snob that uses taxpayer funds to surround herself with armed “protectors” brought to the fore a proposal that the Militia should surrender their most effective war weapons, so that the Ruling Class and its paid mercenaries will have the advantage when things in America get really salty.

Some Americans are all for a gun free zone from shore to shore.  Uncle Milton, (believe it or not!) feels that an incremental approach to getting there is the best solution.  Having some training in leadership, one particularly effective technique is that of leading by example. 

Uncle Milton, who is NOT part of the Ruling Class, like senator Finkenschteiner, has a proposal for your consideration.  A ten year (or possibly more) year plan to total gun free America.  It works like this:

  • All secret squirrel service public employees and the elected they protect turn in their weapons immediately.  They turn in all service arms, all ammunition, and all private arms.  They agree to allow the public admittance to their homes, offices, vehicles, motor homes, boats, etc. etc. & etc.  at any time to search for the prohibited items, at any time.  One violation is all it takes for immediate termination, both of pay and future pay, like retirements.    Trust, but verify.
  • After some time goes by (what, maybe a year?), the home (father) land security minions turn their weapons in.  All ammo, all *company* guns, and all private guns.  No Daisy Red Riders allowed for the kiddies!  Same rules, one violation and you’re out.  Public verification.
  • After some time goes by (what, maybe a year?) FBI, ATF, IRS and all the “spooks” turn in their *stuff*.  Same , same.  And after another year or so…
  • The Departments- you know all those executive branch folks?  Can’t have them being left out of the leading by example process. (This would be a really big group)
  • College administrators at any of the public funded schools would follow in the following year.
  • We might wait a couple years for the next step, maybe a few, but anyone in the employ of the fed grub, would be next.  Remember- trust but verify.  And the members of the Country Class might start getting overwhelmed with all these home inspections.  Probably it would be good to re-check on those dudes that we checked on years ago.  Think of the cost savings from all those retirements we don’t have to pay for!
  • Anyone that gets any sort of of fed benefits would be in this group, maybe five years past the last group.  DON’T PANIC, TONY!!!  Sosh-a-curety went bankrupt long ago, so this won’t be YOU!   So the folks getting fed grub benefits wouldn’t have money for bullets anyway.  Trust, but verify!

Then a long, long time goes by.  Things are progressing swingingly.  And then the last portion of the “Grand Disarmament Plan” would go into operation.   The military.  YUP.  Make the military give up their guns.  Actually sell them.  To the Militia.

After all, who is going to be left to protect the country from foreign invasion?

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