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Water Into Wine

January 20, 2013

Turning our Negatives into Positives

Sometimes, Old Uncle Milton has noticed, the things reported as *news* on the teewee and our only AM radio station, have some deep rooted negativity that reaches out of the speakers and starts to grow in the listener.  Take the daily mantra of “gun control” as an example.  It comes up to the hour, the *newscaster* begins by telling the listener, Joe Schmoe proposed blah, blah, blah guncontrol measures to keep the people safe.  Blah, blah gun, blah, blah control blah blah blaaa.

Every hour on the hour, and on the half hour, every channel, every station.  Even Fox (faux) News pummels the listener with the same negative message.  The “state” is intending to TAKE something from the individual, in order to make the individual more *safe*.

Now in Milton’s World, nobody *takes* anything from anyone, lessen they got  permission aforehand, cuz it just ain’t Christian.  But in the land on the other side of those speakers and Teewee screen, apparently, someone figgers that they have been empowered to violate the right of private property,  perhaps because some folk got together and voted, that that somehow gives them the authority to take other people’s junk, and then tell them that they will be safer without it.

It kinda reminded Old Uncle Milton of the time he heard a fella by the name of Harry Browne, way up there in Michigan, as he spoke to a large crowd who supported him in his bid to be the president.  Old Harry Browne said that what the gov mint is good at is breaking your legs, providing you a set of crutches, and then telling you that without them, you wouldn’t be able to walk.  Yeah, that is EXACTLY what all this gun control making individuals safer talk reminds Old Uncle Milton of.

But how is that turning negatives into positive, we hear our dear readers wondering???  So what if every newscast that ever comes over the radio and/or Teewee has its own section, like the *Sports*.report..?  “And now for the latest developments in  “gun control”…Here’s Piers with the latest…”

Old Uncle Milton feels that the folks reading this are starting to see through the facade of social control that is the *news*.  That every time some elected yahoo proposes to *take* more of this right, or to *take* more of that right, and of course to increase taxes to pay for their *goodness on your behalf* , more and more Americans are recognizing that the only thing the Ruling Class is looking out for is the stinkin’ Ruling Class.

And the people are getting tired of it.

And the people are tired of their representatives.*proposing* to take another little piece of their property.  Because people have a sort of property in their rights, and a sort of right to their property. No, that isn’t right- there is no *sort of* about. it, is there?  These juice bags of the ruling class have made things about as bad as the people are likely to accept.  And every time they make things worse, more of US recognize it, and want less of what they are peddling.


The “negatives” in Old Uncle Milton’s eyes are the actions of the Ruling Class.  Piers Morgan is an example of them, and the action that he prefers would be gun free zones from shore to shore. The negative there is the prevention of self defense.  The laws preventing self defense in places like Chicago have enabled the evil-doers free rein, and Piers would further ENABLE them.

But the good people of America, those with faith, hope and love, will have none of that .


Their faith is strong that good folk will recognize the negatives for what they are.  The ruling class are desperate to maintain their stranglehold on power, and they must *take* from individuals to do it.  The good people of faith, are clinging to their hope to be able to defend themselves, and to defend their rights, primarily life, but also property.  And the defenders of life and property are coming closer through all this.

As the facade crumbles around the evil Ruling Class, and their lies become more obvious, good people of faith, hope and love are uniting.  Coming together.  And making things more difficult for the evil-doers is like turning water into wine.

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