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January 12, 2013

OASDI-   Sucking the Life Out of America

Greetings and Happy New Year, Dear Reader, from the microlopolis of Bippus.  Best of wishes to you and yours for a wonderful year.  2013.

Old Uncle Milton just opened the first *paycheck* of 2013 and (surprise, surprise…like Gomer Pyle used to say) there was about 39FRN less in there than there used to be.  (For newer readers, FRN-federal reserve notes)  So a little quick calculation, 39 times 52 divided by two, carry the three nets us out at one thousand and fourteen FRN’s for the year.

1014 FRN’s LESS.  1014 that will NOT be spent in Old Uncle Milton’s personal economy.  One thousand fourteen FRN fiscal cliff confronted.

The BASTARDS ON THE POTOMAC have pushed Old Uncle Milton off the 1014 fiscal cliff.  And that does not make Uncle Milton FEEL VERY GOOD!


Hah!  Many of us that work for a paycheck just ain’t payin attention are we?  You get a check, or a statement that your account down at the corner representative of the EVIL RICH WALL STREET CON ARTIST COMPANY  bank, and we skip through all these rows and columns and search and finally, FINALLY, we get to the part where it says Here Peon, NET PAY, here is what you get to keep after Uncle Sam and the state and the county and every other Tom Dick and Harry has reached into your pocket and taken out what they want,  HERE is what you get to keep.

(Cue background music).  But if one looks at that stub a little bit closer, there is a heading called OASDI, which stands for Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance.  The “Rulers in Mordor”, err, I mean representatives in warshington call it soshacureaty, but Old Uncle Milton refers to it as SOCIALIST SECURITY.  hah!  Taking from some, to give to others, get it?  SOCIALIST SECURITY.

OASDI is gonna be 1014 richer in 2013, and Uncle Milton is gonna be 1014 poorer in 2013.  And that does not make Milton FEEL VERY GOOD.

Here is a linkee where you can read about the F*****CLIFF you may have been pushed over2013 tax code.

A New Resolution for 2013?

So, after confronting the new reality, Uncle Milton is going to have to tighten the belt.  Cut a grand off the old spending side of the family budget.


What about the hit to be taken on Wifey”s paycheck stub!  Holy Double-down Batman!  We will have to cut TWO GRAND in spending.  That is going to seriously impact the lifestyles of the poor, and infamous.  TWO-FREAKING-GRAND?

Budgeting for a lifestyle contraction

We need a resolution.  We need retribution. Somebody is going to pay for this.  WAIT- we are going to pay for this.  No. THEY are going to pay. They-who?



Well, let’s see- who was it that “saved us from the fiscal cliff” on teewee?  That fiscal cliff is not my two-freaking-grand F***** Cliff.  No-sirree-Bob. They (the “they” I am trying to identify)   they are those ruling class bastards on teewee.  Bastards like John Boner Boehner, the so called speaker of the house.  That son of a female dog, and all those bastards that supported the teewee version of a fiscal cliff, they must be made to pay.

So the new resolution for 2013 has to be to cut two-freaking-grand in spending, personal spending, out of the taxes that we pay to the Ruling Class Bastards in Warshington.  That is my new year’s resolution.  And if the Ruling Class has reached into YOUR pocketbook, I would recommend that you cut your payments of taxes to them as well.

Liquor, luxury, excise, gas, and sales taxes shall be areas of concentration.  Your suggestions, dear reader, in the comments below, are heartily encouraged.

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  1. Paula permalink
    January 12, 2013 10:53 pm

    You will not be able to eat out anymore.

  2. January 13, 2013 3:11 am

    Is there nothing to do about this?

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