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Guess We’ll Stay

December 10, 2012


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

With today being the last day of the “Peacefully grant the State of Indiana” petition at whitehouse *dot* gov to achieve 25 thousand signatures, that being the level where Obomber claims he will publicly address the nation on the *subject-at-hand*,  it doesn’t look very good for the Secession of Indiana from the Union of the several states.

Should We Stay, Or Should We Go?


With just over 22,000 signatories, it is unlikely that the minimum will be reached. What would the Obomber have to say to all those Hoosiers that prefer to leave the Union?  *Oh, please don’t go* ???

When things have deteriorated so much that the people seek to abolish the political ties between them and the national government, what does this indicate?  When indefinite detention is the “law of the land” in the land where the previously respected Fourth Amendment (The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects…) is part of the foundation of the government, does this indicate a problem with the people, or with the folks that we have empowered to run our government?

When only slightly more than half of the people in the Union of several states are heavily, progressively taxed, so that their earnings can be distributed the world around;  to banksters, dictators, strongmen that hate America, and to those gaming the social safety net systems here at home, is it any wonder that the TAXED seek to exit that system?  Why should they stay?

When the people are FORCED to participate in a health care insurance program that uses their contributions to fund the infanticide and murder of little-humans-in-the-womb, contrary to their deeply held religious convictions, should one be surprised when they seek to separate from what they perceive as the evil?  Is their freedom of conscience of any import to the tax feeders, and if so, how?

And what of that *funny money* system run by the “Federal Reserve” (of which it is neither)?  A system that REQUIRES all transactions be undertaken with a “legal tender” whose value is less today than it was yesterday;  whose value will be less tomorrow than it is today?  What compels honest men and women to desire to use that as a store of value?  Why would they want to?

For Now

What are the benefits that individuals in the several states incur as their state remains in the voluntary Union?

The people of Indiana have not been attacked by foreign militaries in quite some time.  THERE’S ONE.

Let’s see.  What else?

Umm.   Ahh.  Nope, not that.  Errrr.

Can’t think of any others.  Can YOU?  Please leave a comment if you can think of any benefits to NOT LEAVING.

Old Uncle Milton is just sure that there must be one.

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