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WE, the Evil

October 7, 2012

The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lesser of Two Evils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We, They, Us, Them; The Evil Behind Groups

On a normal day in the Greater Bippus Area one can receive about two AM radio stations.  One is the WOWO, news and talk at 1190 AM out of Fort Wayne  and the other is dependent on astrological conditions.  But one is never out of range of “National Progressivist Radio”, or NPR, as “they” refer to themselves, on the FM dial down there on the “left” side of your radio dial, somewhere around 89-point-sumthin.  So Mrs. Milton has got old Uncle Milton in the habit of listening to NPR.




Here are some observations Milton has made about NPR:

  • “They” don’t have any commercials, but there sure are a lot of companies and “foundations” and “trusts” that contribute to the operation.
  • There is a wide variety of music, presented in short snippets, between and during the “programs”.
  • When a grubbermint program has failed, “they” usually advocate for more funding for that program.
  • When a grubbermint program is not a total failure, “they” usually advocate for more funding for that program.
  • Most of the station personalities use phrases like- what “we” need to do to help _______ (fill in the name of some group) is provide more grub mint funding.
  • When someone advocates curtailing of grub mint spending, “they” are painted as cold, hateful, greedy and/or selfish individuals, and it is never brought up that taxpayers might benefit by being allowed to keep more of their own money, rather than having it dispensed through this particular grub program.

Now- Please, Dear Reader, do not confuse Old Uncle Milton with those cold, hateful, greedy and selfish individuals.  Uncle Milton loves people.  But frequently, while Milton listens to NPR, he can be heard to say things  (TALKING BACK TO THE RADIO???) like “we who?”; “You ain’t including me in that we, are you?”;

And then the “Liberal” Congressman got some Air Time

NPR seems to have a preponderance of “liberals” who get air time.   And Milton has noticed that when the liberals talk, they really have a good idea of how Milton’s tax money can be used more effectively than it ever has in the past.   The liberal very persuasively (and passionately) describes how Milton’s tax money (described as “what WE need to do”), that incremental amount,  just a little bit more is necessary to push this failed program over the hump to success.  “We” just need to give a little boost.

The liberal is frequently asking for more from the bank of infinite amounts, you know, the grub mint’s money.  NOT money stolen from TAXPAYERS, no;  money that grows on the grub mint money tree.  It is a BIG tree.   It has infinite amounts of FRN’s on it, just there waiting to be “harvested” by some liberal congresscritter trying to *level the playing field*, For some other do gooder project.

When these pencil neck geeks talk, and use the term “we” brother you better hold on to your wallet.  When they say “we” they mean YOU.  When they say “they” usually it is a bad guy, and if you are holding on to your wallet, then they mean YOU.

As we Approach Election Day

So, Dear Reader, Milton is hoping that as we approach election day, if you are one of those who casts a vote, that you will attend a town hall meeting and question what the candidates exactly mean when they say “we” and when they say “they”.  Will “we” be getting big fat checks from the grub mint?  Will “they” mind giving up more, so that “we” can benefit?  Exactly what do these terms mean?  Exactly how much more can “we” squeeze “them”?  Or how much more can “you” continue to take from “me”?   Don’t let these bone heads innocently use terms without defining EXACTLY what they mean by them.

Remember, always remember that “they” need your consent to establish their own legitimacy.  And if presented with the “choice” of choosing the lesser of two evils?  Always remember that the lesser of two evils is still evil.

A vote for the lesser of two evils is still evil and the only acceptable decision that can be made is to withdraw your consent.  Remember that NONE OF THE ABOVE IS ALWAYS ONE OF YOUR CHOICES.  A vote is a powerful thing, and the withholding of a vote is an act of power as well.  PEACE.

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