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Cleaning up the Garden Time

September 28, 2012


motivation (Photo credit: I am marlon)

To Disc, or To Burn?

This being *The Year of the Drought* around here in Bippus, has led to a certain lack of motivation by one Old Uncle Milton.  And when Milton is not motivated, then no one around here is motivated.  Many of the soybeans in the area have come under the combine, and we’ve seen some field corn that was combined.  The Milton gardens have evolved into a jungle- with weeds EVERYWHERE.  There still may be some tomatoes and okra worth picking, but that darn motivation issue just jumps right up.  Squash!

The pole beans got away from us.  But the plants are still there.  And bean seed.  What is one to do?  We have sweet corn that is ten feet high.  Gone to seed.  A quick touch of the torch would make it all go bye-bye.

Or, we could pull the stakes and wind up the strings and rake it all into a pile and burn it.  Or just pull the disc across the remains and drive all that dead plant fodder into the soil.

But Being Good Stewards…

What we have here is a bunch of stuff that, if harvested carefully, will be good seed for next year.  So there really isn’t much of a question about what will happen,  now is there?  We may not have reaped the bountiful harvest of FOOD that we wanted this year.  But in order to maintain our own vision of being good stewards, we must gather in the seed we can, and save it for next year.

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