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Damn Beans

August 30, 2012

Worst Season Ever, But There ARE Beans

2012 will likely qualify as the WORST gardening evar in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA).  Those six (or was it eight?) weeks of drought made life tough, both for the gardens and for the well pump.  We watered pretty much non-stop every evening in various positions.

And the plants didn’t die.

Right away.


So many things just plain didn’t come up.  And the stuff that did, well, mostly it just didn’t do very well for us.  The sweet corn?  UGH.  Barely got a few meals.  Got some zucchini, and some cucumbers.  But not enough to put up any.

Yesterday we picked the pole beans.  It was ugly.  Wifey went out again today and picked again and we managed to harvest a couple bushels.  But there is a lot of ugly in those bushels.  After a full evening of Wifey and Little Princess and Uncle Milton processing, it looks like we will put up 14 quarts of pole beans.

If all the jars seal.

In past seasons we would gather that from the bush beans.  Several times per season, over and again.  Not in 2012.  Not this time.  Not this season.  Now don’t get confused, dear reader, because Old Uncle Milton is not complaining, he is glad to have each and every meal of those fine home made beans.  But OBSERVING, just observing what bad weather can do is a real eye opener.

Bad weather can put the hurt on your put-’em-up-and-store-’em plans.  And if you have been paying attention,  The Chicago Mercantile posted corn well over eight FRN’s (federal reserve notes) a bushel, and climbing.  Corn is the stuff that feeds all those critters, that turn into the lovely steaks, chops and roasts you see in the meat section at the local Kroger’s store.

Bad weather. Higher prices. Poor garden performances.

How is your garden producing?

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