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Rain, Glorious Rain

July 15, 2012

Rain, on the Bippus Plain, FINALLY CAME

Saturday, July 14, 2012 was a momentus day in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA).  Momentus because we received almost half an inch of rain.  Other than the sputtering, of a a tease of the rains that hit Huntington proper, or areas north, this was the first rain in over six weeks.

So with a half an inch of rain, the palnts got  a little drink.  The drought has been especially tough on the non-irrigated field corn.  Casual observation of this year’s field corn shows browning, at the stems and in some cases half way up the stalk, some fields as one looks across them, a patchwork of light green and brown.  We hope a little drink will help them, but it may just be too late to help the crop.

ZUKES, Cukes, Peas and Blackberries

Old Uncle Milton has been running the sprinkler pretty much every evening.  Trying to keep the plants from out-and-out dying, as soon as the wind dies down in the evening the sprinkler goes on, and sometimes runs until morning.

That has allowed the zucchini to produce.  When the zukes come, they really come.  Right next to them, the cucumbers have been doing fairly well.  Not well enough for canning, but we haven’t been able to eat our way free of cukes.

And the sweet peas have come, and been harvested twice.  So with considerable sprinkling effort, some of the garden has started doing its thing.

Not Even Close to Normal

With the surplus of days whose temperature exceeded 90*F, and weeks without rain, this year has not even been close to normal.  Asparagus season was good, strawberry season was fair and the blackberries are in process.  None of the fruit trees cast fruit, even though they all flowered magnificently.  Late frost swooped in and BAM!  no fruit.

And so, until the rains resume in a more normal fasion, we will continue to run the sprinklers, and pray for rain, and normalcy.  And be thankful for the things our gardens CAN produce.  Come on rain!

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