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May 27, 2012

In Memory Of

Memorial Day, and Memorial Day Weekend, is a wonderful time to take some time to think back on all those things that we are thankful for.  What yer ole Uncle Milton is thankful for are all of those men and women that swore an Oath to our Constitution, AND HAVE LIVED UP THAT OATH.


Gee, Milton, That’s a Strange Way of Putting It

That is a strange way of putting things, Dear Reader, but hang in there with me just a moment to ‘splain some stuff.  Here on Memorial Day Weekend 2012, Ole Unc has been getting a plethora of e-mails and facebook posts glorifying every Tom, Dick and Mary in the military as heroes, and well, frankly, there just ain’t a whole lot of heroes in the U.S. military right now.


No, not really.  When one joins the U.S. military, one takes an oath.  Old Uncle Milton took that oath.  And NOW, with years of hindsight, recognizes that he did a poor job of living up to that oath, which was to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Foreign AND domestic.  And just exactly WHO are those enemies?

And exactly WHAT does the Constitution call for IF we are to be engaged in a war?

The heroes are the ones that live up to their pledge.  THAT takes guts.

Oh, that

Oh, that sticky stuff; that part about actually DECLARING the reasons that a war is necessary.  Why it MUST be fought.  Why Congress is required to vote to embroil us in a war, and why they must vote on it (it was set up to be DIFFICULT).

Now, Old Uncle Milton doesn’t have anything personal against the young men and women that are in the military, quite the contrary.  But get this straight- they are not defending you or me or our freedom.  If they were, then we would be MORE free after each of these foreign engagements.  We would have MORE choices, MORE liberty, MORE pursuing of happiness.

But, alas,

As it turns out, we are NOT more free than we were when we sent warriors into Iraq. Nor Afghanistan.  Nor Somolia,  Nor Kuwait.  Nor the republic formerly known as Yugoslavia.  Nor Grenada, nor Korea, nor Viet Nam.  Watch, take a look at this video:

Now, dear reader, as you watched those bombs falling on a country that never did nuthin to us, bombs falling on forests, and bridges and cities filled with people, you ought to ask yourself-“Self do I feel more free for buying those bombs, and dropping them on those people, and was it a better investment of my tax dollars than say (insert your favorite federal program name here) foodstamps?

Is that what you want to celebrate on Memorial Day?

Me neither.  What I would like to celebrate is the return of all our troops.  To celebrate their return to the American economy.  To their return to gainful employment, and to making THINGS, rather than destroying things.  I would like to celebrate PEACE.

I would like to celebrate PEACE with you, and with the real heroes.

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