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That First Strawberry

May 18, 2012

Ripe and unripe strawberries

Ripe and unripe strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 Days Ago, The First Strawberry Came

The weeds were starting to take over in the strawberry patch, so old Uncle Milton was out trying to remove the most egregious among them.  And there, down in the shadows, under the mat that is a short canopy of strawberry leaves, was that first red fruit;  the first strawberry of 2012.

Not that it should have been any kind of a surprise, as we had flowers for several weeks.  That early on heat wave in March worked its magic.  And the first strawberry appeared.

And It Was…

And it was…mah-vel-ous.  Scrump-dilly-icious.  A treat for the taste buds.

Barely bigger than the first section of Uncle Milton’s thumb, that first strawberry traveled from the ground up about 3 feet and into his mouth.  Into Uncle Milton’s mouth where it lingered, and was absorbed, and fulfilled its life mission.

A whole lot more weeding has taken place since then, and the sprinkler has run over the patch, watering and softening the soil.  And more berries have been harvested.

None have made it beyond the perimeter of the strawberry patch yet.  And not one was quite as good as that first one.  But there will be more.  And there may be pie.  And turnovers.  And strawberry shortcake.  Even strawberry jam.

But none of that will compare to the joy of harvesting that first strawberry.

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