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Corn,Rain and Hummingbirds

May 4, 2012

Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight

Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


That What Makes Spring

Greetings, Dear Reader, and “HEY!”…

Two days ago, in the wee hours of the morning, Old Uncle Milton was getting prepared for another day in the factory, and lo and behold looked out the window to catch a fleeting glimpse of one of nature’s flying mysteries- a hummingbird.  Being that it was not yet sunrise, a solid identification did not happen, but this lovely little darling hovered outside the bedroom window long enough to say “HEY!” and then to buzz off to more flowery climes, one presumes.  And that may just have been the “GrandMa’s Garden” where there are several of those lovely perennials, with clusters of pink, purple and off white flowers.

Whatever the hummer was looking for, this writer cannot say.  But it is surely a good sign to see that first hummingbird of the season, as it probably means there won’t be any more frosts in the near future.

And Another First:

The drive to the factory has been happening with less and less reliance on the headlights.  And during the drive on Monday, the first little corn seedlings, popping up in rows, were spotted on the drive.  Of course, once one field has little corn seedlings erupting, then neighboring corn fields start pushing their seedlings forth.  Before you know it the fields will ALL have corn sprouting…

And just about the time that one wants to get out and actually ACCOMPLISH something with the homegrown food stuff, well; You Guessed It- those big puffy dark clouds appear and start releasing moisture from above. (Thank God)  Wednesday Old Uncle Milton was treated to a walk in the rain, during the regular walk the dogs before breakfast ritual.

And it was good.

The dogs don’t seem to mind walking in the rain.  And after Old Uncle Milton got OUT there, he didn’t mind, either.  The overcast was low, and the rain was temperate, and boy,oh,boy, does that air ever smell and taste good when you’re out walking in the rain!  Smells like, umm, yeah- smells like victory (to steal a quote from Robert Du Val in Apocolypse Now).  Ayup, that rain lasted all day long, and the ground just ate it up.

And so things in the Greater Bippus Area are starting to grow.

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