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Listen to enightened voices!

March 7, 2012

U.S.Rulers to people of faith:

Shut up Mundanes, and LISTEN to the EDUCATED VOICES OF ENLIGHTENMENT!  The most egregious attack on religious freedom to date occurred while the main stream media focused on Rush Limbaugh’s name calling at a girl who apparently wants EVERYONE to pay for her contraceptives.  Meanwhile the Real Story of how Americans’ religious freedom is undermined by the very organization that was designed to PROTECT our rights, goes by unreported.

Uh; well, almost.

Unreported, well, yeah except for Glenn Beck’s  “THE BLAZE” website.  You can (and should) read their article AT THIS LINK

Milton’s Opinion-Good meets Evil

So the Catholic Bishops were invited to the White House.  They were told that the First Amendment need not apply.  They were talked down to by members of the Obama Administration, and told that the *enlightened ones* would ‘splain everytha’n to them, including the tenets of Catholicism.  The Ruling Class meets the Mundanes.  The Emporer’s men exposed the blackness of their souls.  The Evil of the Ruling Class poured forth, just like The Beast of the Book of Revelations.

Good versus Evil.  Wow!  What an exciting time to be alive!

A Line in the Sand

The Catholic Bishops previously stated “We will not comply” with the mandate of providing abortificants as a part of a “health care” insurance plan.  They drew a line in the sand.  They have become the N.R.A. of the First Amendment-the whipping boys that must be put in their place for this evil empire, err, um, administration to maintain their power and control.

What an interesting idea, that of non-compliance.  Old Uncle Milton’s hat is off to those gutsy men, standing against the powers of the dark side.  May God bless them all.

Listen, indeed, to the enlightened voices.  May God bless all Real Americans, like the Bishops.

Vision from Book of Revelation

Vision from Book of Revelation (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

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