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Foreign and Domestic- Enemies

February 28, 2012

Enemies- Fast Ones, Furious Ones

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Bippus is located in the northwest corner of Huntington County, Indiana.  We had a local visit from our foreign u.s.senator- ruling class member Dick Lugar, who lives in Virginia, but has enough ego to visit the Coffee d’Vine coffee shop in Huntington, for a *Meet and Greet*.  Ego enough to show up and attempt to tell his subjects, err, um constituents, how he is fighting against the Obama agenda.  This from Obama’s bipartisan buddy. Heh.

Well Received?, uh-not-so-much

Even though the local paper claimed that imperial ruling class foreign senator was well received, local scuttlebut is that the senator blunderred through some *less-than-friendly* questioning.  He did, after all vote for N.D.A.A. which authorized the indefinite detention of American Citizens.  Not to mention the bailout supports, the Law of the Seas Treaty, regular support of gun controls, United Nations and sustainable development.

No, apparently there are more than a few mundanes in Huntington County who are paying attention, Senator Lugar.  And we all want you to retire.

The Enemy- but Foreign or Domestic?

The senator that represents Indiana, but lives in Virginia; does that one part of the constitution that stipulates that a Senator must be an Inhabitant of the state that he represents, uh does that REQUIREMENT really apply here?  Or are old Uncle Milton’s reading skills in need of some remedial improvement?

The enemies of the people can come in many forms.  The senator that purports to represent people that live in a foreign state is but one form.  The Bureaucrats that *walk* guns across the Mexican border – a la Project Fast and Furious- in order to convince Americans that further restrictions on Gun Rights are needed are another.  A fella named Matt Bracken is about to release FOR FREE a novel titled (get ready for this)  ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.  Author Bracken has several suspense novels to his credit and Enemies lays out a fictional account of events set up to create animosity between the pro-gun and anti-gun factions in American society. HERE is a link to Matt Bracken’s website.

It is hard to beat an offer for FREE access to great action packed novels.  And Enemies, Foreign and Domestic looks to be a real page turner.  Of course, keeping those enemies close is a good move too.  Watch for the free access to happen March first.

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