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Where I get my FREE Phone?

February 12, 2012

English: Map of US states by poverty rate as a...

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How I git My Uhbama Phone?

Swirling ideas flow past in technicolor. Watching youtube videos, as the idea that was America swirls past, circling,; circling.

2.4 Billion for Uhgbama Phones

So I read how the united State grubmint will be giving out phree phones to people within 135% of the poverty level, that imaginary line the the fed grub has drawn that describes how many monopoly-game fed reserve notes it takes to live for a year in this land of mandated charity.  Free phones.  Taken from those who make more than the poverty level pay taxes, given to those that don’t.

You have just got to watch the video embedded in that article linked to above, dear reader.It is about 7 minutes long, and illustrates, very clearly, how the non-productive class is pillaging the productive class in the united State.  Before you stomp off mad at old uncle Milton, thinking him a racist, or 1 percenter, or a hater, imagine how harmful the *aid* being provided to folks like the man in the video; how harmful that aid is to him.

(How hard does he work to get all that *free* stuff? How hard do YOU work to *give* it to him?)

And how much better off  would we all be when it is NOT provided anymore.

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