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All In the Barn

January 16, 2012

Close-up of chicken wire used in a chicken coop.

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In the Insulated Part

Greetings, dear reader, from the frosty Greater Bippus Area.  We have not been tremendously active outside as of late, but we have managed to get all of our critters into the insulated part of what we call our barn; what our more experienced neighbors call our tool shed.  The last ones to get there were the bunnies.  And now they too are in the somewhat warmer part of that big building.

The insulated part of the barn has a faucet.  The water line is wrapped with heat tape, so it freezes only during the deepest of winter deep freeze.  With the chickens, turkeys, duck, goose and now rabbits there, the daily chore of feeding and watering should be much easier.  And there is much better lighting up there, so perhaps the layers will take notice, and make more good eggs.

But this was not possible without a LOT of extra work.  Junior had a few evenings in building chicken wire frame panels, with doors for the enclosure walls.  And moving straw for a floor cover, setting up feeders, and waterers, and nest boxes and roosts.  Whew!

And we only want to keep them all there for a couple months, til the bulk of the cold weather is past and we can put them out on fresh pasture.  But it is sure nice to skip the de-icing of water bowls, and the hauling of water over VAST distances, right Junior?


We sure are looking forward to the (expected) increase in the number of eggs.

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