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January 14, 2012

Griffin's 1994 book, The Creature from Jekyll ...

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And the Fire-Breathing Dragon

A really nice guy at the local TEA Party gave Old Uncle Milton (OUM) the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin.  He wouldn’t have time to read it, he said, so take it and make good use of it.  And so OUM started reading it.  And you should too.

The book is 608 pages including the index.  The sub title is – A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.  As author Griffin explains the Federal Reserve (The Fed) is neither federal nor is it a reserve.  It is a sham, built upon lies, encrusted with deceptions; it IS a Fire Breathing Dragon.

And this fire breathing dragon, RIGHT NOW, is sucking the life force out of YOU.  Now that is a very strong statement to make, and OUM is known to make strong and outlandish statements, but if you, dear reader will dig into this book, you may find it to be very accurate.

Now OUM is only eight chapters in, but already has read about the secrecy involved with the group that conspired to create The Fed, how the U.S. Congress was manipulated into passing their pre-written bill, and how the American People were opposed to its creation.

And author Griffin sets forth the definition of MONEY thus:  *Anything which is accepted as a Medium of Exchange*.   Griffin goes to great length to explain how supposed money experts,bankers and economists cannot agree on the definition of money, therefore he uses the definition above, for all purposes within his book.

So for now, dear reader, we will leave it at that.  Money is anything which is accepted as a medium of exchange, The Fed is a monopoly that controls the creation of federal reserve notes, and The Fed is a nasty creature that only serves itself and its own interests, and YOU dear reader are (like those thousands of bodies, connected through hoses to The Matrix) the life force providing sustenance to this nasty  creature.

There WILL be more to come.  And there WILL be a test at the end.  Study hard.


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