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Why one should Never Mix Whiskey and Gunpowder

January 7, 2012


Image by chi-ryu via Flickr

Whiskey, Gunpowder Too Volatile to Mix

A newsletter named Whiskey and Gunpowder exists out there in the  cyberspace, dear reader.  And from time immemorial, ever since Uncle Milton was a wee little ankle-biting cuss, he had been taught that guns were a tool, and whiskey was what Momma rubbed on a kid’s gums when he was teething.  Or when he was ankle biting, or otherwise being incorrigible and there was no such thing as Ritalin or ADD or ADHD.  But there was whiskey. And there were lots of tee wee shows for kids, shows like The Lone Ranger- with guns.

But whiskey and guns were not ever presented together, for goodness’ sake.  (Well, at least NOT in the kids’ shows)

And guns just ain’t much good without gunpowder, are they?  Guns, gunpowder, whiskey…this is going to lead to trouble…

Our Enemy, the State

So some writers got together, created this volatile newsletter, named it Whiskey and Gunpowder, and producedElections and the Illusion of Choice a wonderful little piece about the manipulation of individuals, by our enemy, the state.

Old Uncle Milton recommends that you read it.  You may want to pour a tall, stiff drink, before clicking on the link though.

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