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“We Owe it to Ourselves”

December 31, 2011

Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute aft...

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A Mental Image from Gary North

As we move ever closer to The End of the World, as predicted by the Mayans, with less than 365 days left to go, one possible reason for our demise could be an economic disaster.  If it were an economic disaster that pushes us over the cliff, well, there would be no finer writer than Gary North to ‘splain how we got to the edge, and why.

Dr. North tells us in this article that we need a mental image, and he creates one just fine.

For those dear readers that will NOT click on the link above (shame on you! shame, shame) Old Uncle Milton will describe through his keyboard an image in his own mind.  Imagine, if you will dear reader a crowd of senior citizens in front of a domed building with a sign in the middle designating this crowd as “Ourselves”.

Imagine another crowd in back of that same domed building, much bigger and much younger.  The sign in the middle of this crowd identifies them as “We”.

Imagine the ruling class bastards that have been elected by the general population that still votes inside the domed building, busy figgering out how they can steal even more and gain further control over, both of these groups.  Imagine them cowering at the thought  of the Oathkeepers project to remove the traitorous scum amongst them (A SUPER-MAJORITY), through their  National Recall Effort.

Then as you construct your own mental image, picture the “We”  group with their wallets and their purses held open, openings facing downwards, with the contents being dumped onto a conveyor belt, moving all the loot into the domed building.  Picture the traitorous, fat bastards helping  themselves to whatever they like, and then  metering THE REMAINDER onto helicopters that fly over the group that we picture as “Ourselves”.  Members of the gray haired “Ourselves” group are holding out their wallets and purses, but the openings are facing up.  Ready to receive the stolen property of the “We’s”.

Picture, dear reader, in your mind’s eye, all of this in TechniColor.@

As we move ever closer to the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI), it may prove useful to recognize whodunnit.  And take all appropriate actions.


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