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They’re HEEEEEre!

December 30, 2011

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No, not the Poltergeists in the TeeWee

They ARE here, and they started arriving in the mail before the Christ child’s anniversary.  In the past they didn’t arrive until the first week of January, but the seed catalogs have arrived.

The first two arrived the day after we picked the rest of the carrots.  The same day we got a couple inches of snow.  They sat on the counter, in the kitchen, unnoticed.

Then TWO Stark’s Bros. nursery catalogs arrived.  Different addressees, different covers, different *Free Shipping* expiration dates.  LOTSA cool products.  Like seventeen kinds of blueberries.

More Catalogs will be Coming

What is a food kook to do?  The suppliers send these things, and then they send more, later.  Here is what Old Uncle Milton does…

Start with a manilla folder.  And a wish list.  Put all the cool products from the catalogs that you WISH you could plant in the coming year onto your WISH LIST, along with the page and catalog ID.  As new books come in, peruse them, add to the list, toss them in the folder, and keep going.  If you are a modern food kook, (and you ARE reading about food at ViewfromBippus!!!) then make yourself up a spreadsheet, like an EXCEL chart, and include the price and quantity you WISH you could HAVE.

That will make the garden plan THAT MUCH EASIER, as you put THAT together.  And a column titled “priority” with a rating from one to five, might be helpful too.  For Old Uncle Milton,  Blueberries will be priority numbero uno in 2012.  So blueberries will get a “1” in our priority column.  Also getting a “1” will be a replacement pie cherry tree, since one died last season.

Now IF, iiifff you haven’t received ANY seed or nursery Catalogs…

You haven’t been following along, dear reader.  Google up seed catalogs.  Nursery (i.e fruit tree) catalogs.  Don’t get too wild or anything, but get you (or a preposterous alias) signed up to receive a couple.   You are gonna need some seed to fill that south-facing-window in a few weeks, right?  So you may need seed trays, home-made(Almost Free Jiffy Pots)  jiffy pots, cute little seed handling tools, who knows what?

The days ARE getting longer, after all, and we don’t want to miss any opportunity to grow some healthy, great tasting food, now do we?

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