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Incredible! Edible! Incredible Edible.

December 18, 2011

Todmorden- What Ladies Can Do

Food.  What a wonderful thing food is.   One of the *Big Three* in that requirement of “Food, Water and Shelter” – and what we here at View from Bippus just love to produce, and consume.  Food.  Home made food.

And so it was with great interest that – between instances of consuming good food – that old Uncle Milton came across an idea that a bunch of Ladies in the little town of Todmorden came up with over coffee.  Food.  Leading the way to producing your own good food by GIVING you a large selection of FREE home made herbs and vegetables.  Waking the people of Todmorden up to the TASTE of healthy, home made stuff.

You can read all about it

AT THIS LINK… And what a Wonderful Concept these gals came up with.

Go ahead, take a peek.  And when you get done I will have a few comments to share.

A view of Todmorden

What a grand concept!  Demonstrate the way to sustainability by doing it,  that is what these gals in Todmorden are doing.  Growing good vegeys, fruit and herbs and letting everyone taste and enjoy them.  Leading the way by example.

And Old Uncle Milton really liked this quote, at the end of the link:

‘There’s a nobility to growing food and allowing people to share it. There’s a feeling we’re doing something significant rather than just moaning that the state can’t take care of us.

‘Maybe we all need to learn to take care of ourselves.’


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