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More Drone-ey Baloney

December 15, 2011

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile

Image via Wikipedia

At Least the Runaway Cows are Safe

Or are they???  In the continuing saga, local law enforcement is using predator drones to rescue runaway cows from small time farmers that “adopted” them???  Here is William Norman Grigg’s take on the police state run amuck.

And what of those runaway cows? Has the *good sheriff of rottingham* taken good care of the 6 runaway cows? Or did the good sheriff get his man, and the rest of *his man’s* family and leave the cows to fend for themselves? How much did that drone surveillance cost US?

Freedom Writer Claire Wolfe chimes in. And if runaway cows are all it takes to authorize a sheriff to use drones to spy on American farmers in North Dakota, what will it take to ARM those drones and pre-emptory fire on some *bad guys*?

Really, now, where does this malarkey lead?

And is this really what we want our limited tax funds to be used for? Or is this just another case of the *Ruling Class* having its way with the *Country Class*? I’m just askin’.

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