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From Scratch

December 14, 2011

Cheeseburger and Fries

Image by powerplantop via Flickr

and the absolute impractical nature of “From Scratch”

Greetings, dear reader.  It has been quite some time since the subject at View from Bippus has been food.  Rest assured, dear reader, that Old Uncle Milton loves food just as much as ever.  And the plainer, and more basic, and easier to prepare, the better.

You might recall that many garden goodies never make it out of the garden around here, because they are eaten in the garden.  And plenty of those don’t even get brushed off, they get eaten dirt and all.  Yuk! many of you just said.  But we don’t parse our words much in the Greater Bippus Area, and if we eat the garden goodies with the dirt on, well, then we SAY we eat the garden goodies with the dirt on.  And we do. (err, uh, Uncle Milton does, anyway)   And it ain’t killed us yet.

So anyways, I came across this pretty neat bit of writing and thought that maybe you would find some fun in reading it.Impracticality of a Cheeseburger.  It is rather reminiscent of a piece titled “I, pencil”, that describes the interconnectivity of trades, and skills required to make a lowly pencil.  But here, rather than a useful tool, the subject is something delicious, and (I think) universally acceptable as food, at least in the GBA (where there are no Micky Dee’s).

So have a gander (that’s what WE had for supper tonight) no I mean a peek at the article linked above.  And consider your food sources.  Consider how inter-related we all are, and how dependent.  Perhaps even think about how YOU can become a little more responsible for a part of your own food production.

I promise you- there is not any food that tastes better than the stuff that you produce your own self.  And if you grow your own mustard, leave a comment here cuz we need to get in touch.


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