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White Death-Snow Comes to GBA

December 3, 2011

Bippus gets Snow, Death/Destruction on Farm

The big sneak attack snowstorm visited Northeast Indiana, and the Greater Bippus Area Tuesday Afternoon.  With the snowstorm came death and destruction down here on the Milton ranch.

Unusual, the Barber told me today, that the snow hit the ground and nothing melted.  It hit the ground and STAYED.  This snow was made of big, wet non-melting snowflakes and once they started in the early afternoon, they kept coming.  Much like the Indians at the Little Big Horn.  They just kept coming and coming and coming.

Just in Time…

The snow began just in time to ruin Uncle Milton’s commute.  That ride from Ligonier to the G.B.A. that normally takes an hour stretched out to two hours.  And it drifted in places, the usual  places,like in front of Uncle Miltie’s garage door.  Just deep enough to schtick him only feet from the entrance to the garage.  The snow was cleared from the driveway, and began to diminish, but the winds kept up.  Strong winds.  And the power went out.

Things started out abnormally the following morning when it was walk the dog time and two white ducks were discovered inside the dog house.  Both were chewed up, one chewed massively.

Carnage/Fallout- the Aftermath of the First Snow

So the two white ducks were discovered at five in the morning.  The dogs were walked, and reprimanded. The day went on.  Then came the school delays.  Cancellations.  Revisions to schedules.  And the phone call.

“Dad, I can’t Find the Black Duck”

Junior had called and the black duck, the Cayuga, had gone missing.  And the heavy snow had collapsed the fence around the chicken pen.  And the Pavo Tractor was now only about two-and-a-half feet tall.  And the Pavos (Spanish for Turkey) were very scared, and nervous.  Here is a photo taken with a cell phone:

Pavo Tractor AFTER Snow had been Removed

Keep in mind that the photo above was taken after most of the snow had been removed and it had (somewhat) recovered its shape.   The littlest princess (whose school was closed) had to crawl inside to get the Pavos to move to the door, where Junior could relocate them to the chicken pen.

Closer look at inside of Crushed Pavo tractor

It was after the Pavo relocation that the Black Cayuga duck was found dead outside the little duck house and the Barred Rock hen was found dead in the hen house.

The cause of death has not been readily decided- the jury is still out on that one.  One thing is for sure, and that is that one can count on the dogs to EAT poultry if they find it laying around.  And they might even KILL it, to secure a tasty treat.  It is just a dog’s nature-kind of like, US.

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