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Anger and Outrage

November 28, 2011

GAO “audits” the Fed

Ha ha haaaah! I can just about hear my dear readers laughing out loud, as Uncle Milton quotes a “government” source like the Grubbermint Accountability Office (what?)  issuing a report about an “audit” of the Federal Reserve.

Well, they call it an audit, but it was really more like a cursory sneek and peek, but there is some “news” in their snooping.  And if you are a taxpayer, the report ought to boost your anger and outrage.  You ought to be really pissed off.

The link to the silverbearcafe article is here and it has links that get you right into the guts of the GAO “audit”.


You may have heard this before, but the Ruling Class pukes at the FED took it upon themselves to *give away* 16 Trillion to their Ruling Class cronies in the banking world.  And YOU are the worm on the hook for it.


What are you gonna DO about it?

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