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Man Shot Dead

November 27, 2011

Fort Wayne Police Kill Man

Another typical Sunday in Bippus: we got up, went to church, dropped in at Bob Evan’s for breakfast.  Wifey buys the Sunday Fort Wayne Journal Gazette “news” paper, to get all the “sale” ads, and brings it back to the table.  And the headline screams at old Uncle Milton.  Officer Kills Man Outside Bar.


HERE is the online version of that “news”.

Why Should THAT Ruin My Day???

Perhaps it is the way the story was written by Archie Ingersoll, his choice of words.  Maybe it was because the only “source” was a police spokesman.  Maybe it is much ado about nothing- another bad guy terminated and justice served.

But after reading that article what do you, dear reader, think of this?  Do you take that article as any reason to be concerned?  Are there just too many fishy open items?

A Bullet List of Fishy Items

  • Dead man was “apparently” armed with a gun
  • officers heard shots fired outside bar
  • officer came into contact with man “believed” to be armed with a gun
  • officer “shot the man at least once with a department-issued handgun”
  • justified?  (ahem) still under investigation
  • found a gun near the man
  • police say a 911 call was made,reporting gunshots, before the man was shot
  • crime scene technicians recovered 2 bullets from the exterior wall of the bar

Now Old Uncle Milton was never trained in the art of crime fighting.  Nor was Old Uncle Milton trained in the art of *reporting* for a major newspaper.  Yet Uncle Milton knows when something smells fishy, and THIS certainly smells fishy.  So here is what *might* have occurred in time sequence order…

Gunshots outside a bar.  Officers hear these.

911 call reporting gunshots.

Police respond to sound of gunshots, and later (how much later) to 911 call. (How many officers?)

“Apparently” armed man is approached by officers.  Perhaps asked a few questions.  Officers “believe” man to be armed, maybe they even think to ask the man – are you armed? In order for them to “Protect and Serve” they would need to know this information.

Now in order for this to be a justified shooting, the dead guy would have had to have threatened someone.  There is no mention of the dead guy threatening anyone.  Why the hell not?

The man was shot *at least once* with a department issued handgun.  Was he shot with a non-department issued handgun as well?  Why is that tidbit reported?  Did anyone ever hear of a policeman carrying a non-registered backup piece?  Did anyone actually see the dead guy with a gun in his hand?  Why not?  Did he have his finger pointed out of his jacket pocket, and say “stick ’em up!” ???

None of that is addressed in this *news* article.  Police finished their investigation at 5:30 am and yet they didn’t know who the dead guy was, there were no eyewitnesses, no one knows how many cops responded, the bar owner heard the cops shots but not the *initial* shots, the crime scene was washed down by firefighters.  Perhaps some crotchety old man just needed an excuse to get worked up over breakfast, or perhaps a newspaper writer just did a piss poor job of gathering and reporting facts.  But some dude is dead. And the only apparent source of information is coming from the team that did the shooting.

Will that *team* ultimately come out and say John Doe drew this pistol, pointed it at Officer Buck, and then was shot dead in the street?  Will any eyewitnesses turn up to corroborate?  Are the eyewitness accounts being sanitized?  Something smells fishy and someone needs to demand answers.

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  1. Amelia Lawson permalink
    November 27, 2011 10:42 pm

    This man was shot IN THE BACK. Those details are not being released by the police for a reason but the family knows. It might interest you to know that the media story is changing ever so slightly each time it is released. In the original story, it is stated that the police man who “shot” him and the second policeman were “in the area.” It is further stated in the original article that the events leading to the shooting are unknown and that other officers responding to a shots fired call arrived to find that the man had been shot by the police. The reports fail to mention that the man was shot several times by two officers, that no weapon has been produced, and that there are eyewitnesses that the man was running for fear of his life with his hand in the air and his hat in his hand. But the family and the witnesses know.

  2. patty permalink
    November 28, 2011 1:54 am

    I taught this “dude” hen he was a child with hope. This dude was a son to his mother, husband to his wife ,father to his chikdren and loved by Jesus—

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