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Danger of Tyranny and/or Drugs?

November 19, 2011

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Which is Worse?

So the other day Old Uncle Milton was talking with a co-worker who described being present when his neighbor two doors down was shot by three snipers, simultaneously, as part of a SWAT team raid.  The scene was described thus:  there were at least two hundred, maybe three hundred *cops* surrounding the neighborhood- from the local police, the county sheriff department, state police, and a few federal agencies.  They didn’t have to kill the man.  He didn’t need to die.
Which got me to thinking, which is more dangerous- a centrally planned (i.e. federal) war on drugs or a society of people that individually decides what materials to ingest into their own bodies?

The “War on Drugs”

Exactly when did the “war on drugs”  begin?  Exactly where does the authority to execute a *war* on drugs come from?  What is the cost benefit ratio?  What would be the stance of America’s Founding Fathers?

The first anti-narcotic laws appeared in 1905.  Until that time all “drugs” were over the counter items.  The most dangerous drug – alcohol – required a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit its use.  The eighteenth amendment was adopted in 1919 to prohibit the manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors.  In 1919 America’s Ruling Class recognized that a constitutional amendment was required to create the authority.  And authority is key.  Nowhere in the Constitution is authority granted the national government to prohibit or regulate what people ingest.  Nowhere.

We seem to have forgotten to ask about authority.

So the “War on Drugs” is an unconstitutional effort.

According to the Cato Institute, the cost of executing the “War on Drugs” is $41 billion annually. You can read the Cato study HERE.

Then there are the number of people in prison.  According to over 50% of the federal prison population (see chart under item 7), are violators of drug laws.  Are we better off with these people locked up, where they create no wealth?  Or would they carry their own weight (and that of their family) if they were free?

Amendment IV – unreasonable searches

The right to be secure in our person, house, papers, and effects has been destroyed by the drug war.  Unreasonable searches?  Sneek and peek- you ever hear of that?  Yeah, the Ruling Class claims to have authority to enter YOUR house, copy the contents of your computer, exit and not tell you about it.  And in Indiana one has no “right” according to the indiana supreme court to resist an illegal home invasion, err umm entry by *authorities*.

The Founding Fathers wrote something called the Tenth Amendment to PREVENT the national government from doing shit executing a war like this.  They specifically RESERVED the authority to the States or the people.  Our old (dead, white guy) friend Madison advised that the powers delegated to the national government are “few and defined”.


Who is that Mysterious Lady?

The flip side of the gold coin that we know as LIBERTY is individual RESPONSIBILITY.  It is the responsibility of each and every American to reclaim the lost liberty that the Ruling Class has usurped, and to insist upon an end to the war on drugs.

“Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”
C. S. Lewis

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