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Duck Hunt North Dakota Recap

November 13, 2011

Northern Pintail

North Dakota Duck Trip-Revisited.

Okay, Old Uncle Milton was reminded that I was supposed to elaborate on my one week visit to Duck Hunting Valhalla, err, uhhh North Dakota, and I haven’t done that and that is a HUGE RIP OFF to those dear readers that like that kind of stuff.

So, dear reader, if you like ducks, duck hunting, manly adventure stories, or you just think that whatever Uncle Milton does, or says, is cool; then this post is for you.

Here is the sucky part.  Bippus, Indiana to The Secretest Duck Hunting Hotspot in North Dakota (TSDHHIND) is a two day drive.  As in, leave at 6 am on friday, drive all day to get to the far side of Minnesota, stay in a hotel overnight, get up early, drive again for most of the day and get to TSDHHIND in the afternoon, with just enough time to unload all your shit, and go scouting around the neighborhood for a place to hunt in the morning.  Five of us went, in two trucks and the fuel bill was around $260 each.

Let the Adventure Begin:

So, imagine, dear reader, you are somewhere near TSDHHIND, in the back of a truck, maps in your lap, binoculars swinging around hanging from your neck, driving the back roads, glassing (using your binoculars to scan for duck), and keep track of where in the heck you are, where you were, and how will you ever find your way, in the dark tomorrow, as the driver goes through a succession of left, right left angle slightly left across the blacktop; and so forth.

We went over some railroad tracks, and off to the west is a harvested wheat field COMPLETELY JAM PACKED WITH GEESE AND DUCKS!!!  So we stop, and watch, as Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Blue Geese, Mallards, Pintails and Who-Knows_What-Else flies in and out and around this field.  Suck in all this information, hunter boy, because you will want to come back here EARLY tomorrow morning, in the dark, and set your decoys right where the mass concentration of goose poop is.  Right where the birds WANT to be.

(As an aside):::this field had perhaps 1000 waterfowl in it. A nice variety, with a lot of movement, and birds dropping in, getting up and moving, and birds coming off the horizon and dropping right in.

A Field Full of Snow Geese

Note that the picture above was not taken my me, and is way more snow geese than we saw.  The field we were looking at had *some* snow geese, but it was mostly Canada Geese.  Canada’s do not show up as vividly as the mostly white snows, but taste a lot better.  So that is what Old Uncle Milton’s first day in North Dakota was like.

More North Dakota Duck Hunting Adventure stories to follow.


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