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Okay, Maybe I Was Wrong

November 12, 2011

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There ARE a Lot of Freaky People in the OWS Crowd

No apologies (yet) will be coming from Old Uncle Milton, regarding the solidarity expressed with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  The varied and differing opinions being expressed by the protesters still may include room (wiggle room?) for cooperation.  After all, anyone courageous enough to risk getting their head smashed in, to express their opinion has something worth paying attention to.  And if,  IF,  they express the opinion that they do not want tax money used to bail out companies (on Wall Street, or elsewhere), well there IS some common ground there.

The Problem Is…

The problem with all that is that those OWS protesters seemed to vanish from the public eye.  Are they gone?  Did the main stream media point the cameras elsewhere, and abandon those who agree with Old Uncle Milton, and demand an end to bailouts to companies that choose poorly?  I mean what do “Wall Street” banks have to do with student loans, social security or even global warming?  Or oil pipelines in Kansas?

OK, I Admit That

the idjits that want to shut down a port from global commerce do not get any sympathy from me.  And “anarchists” that are demanding LARGER social programs, could I even have read that right?  Where I come from anarchists want NO GOVERNMENT, so how is that a group that considers themselves anarchists, could be demanding payments from the American Tax Payer???

I seem to recall some agent provocateurs, calling themselves anarchists,  but actually being commies, showing up during organized labor events in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Mostly, where I seem to have been mistaken is in the number of *Free Lunch* people showing up in the OWS ranks.  In the crowd I hang with, one common attitude is “that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.  And this OWS crowd seems to be picking up on those (poor dumb bastards) that do not subscribe to that principle.

So, Okay

OK.  OK.  Maybe I WAS wrong.

But maybe not. There is a large contingent of far left-ish radicals surfacing in the OWS movement.  Commies.  Tax the Rich.  Unionize everyone.  Increase social spending.  Radicals that make the current (socialist) president seem mainstream.  All this kind of reads like a plot in a movie.  Or a paperback novel.

HEY!  It IS like the plot in a paperback novel, now that I think about it.  The novel is titled “Army of the Republic”, by Stuart Archer Cohen.  Or maybe not.  Or maybe it will be.  Or not.

Radical lefty street protesters aligned with radical righty tea sippers.  Nah. That could never happen.

But maybe.

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  1. November 12, 2011 11:30 pm

    Hah! I think as time goes on you will find that the people who you thought were part of OWS, (with whom you identified), were never really part of that bunch. If they it were there at all, they were tiny in number, and their tiny presence was played up by the media to make it seem like that was the movement. It never was.

    (Not one of the 1% but sure would like to be. 😉 )

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