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You say Establishment,

November 5, 2011

I Say *Ruling Class*

Ugh.  One of Old Uncle Milton’s *Rules of Life* is not to be a hater.  Love is greater than hate, and Old Uncle Milton would prefer to be known as a lover.  So it is a goal to express great love.

Every now and then, we do fall down.  So, in the quest to be perfectly honest- – –I hate the Ruling class.   Dear readers of the View from Bippus should be familiar with the term, and with the Codevilla article introducing it, and if you are NOT familiar with the term (ugh, UGH) then google up Codevilla, and his article about America’s ruling class and print it out and read it.  Then share it with all your friends.

And then see if you too do not outright hate the ruling class.  If you love the idea of America, you may find yourself hating the ruling class.  If you love freedom, you might find yourself hating the ruling class.  If you have had a run in with *administrators*, like a zoning board, or a property assessor, or even a clown in a robe sans the powdered wig, ayup, you may hate the ruling class.

So along comes Gary North

One of Old Uncle Milton’s favorite writers is Gary North.  So he comes up with this article titled   On Rebooting America.    Go ahead and check it out.  It is worth a read.

Dr. North talks about how administrators (actually, government tax-feeders) are destroying what is left of the dream known as America.  And how it will be necessary, err, how it is mandatory, that the system (just like a computer) gets rebooted.  As in- control, alt, delete enter.  As in nothing is too big to fail.  As in how it was in the beginning.  Or , at least how it was back in 1960.

1960 was a very good year

well, at least when you compare the administrative burden on Americans, 1960 was head and shoulders waaay better that 2011.    The tax feeders were somewhat under control, back then, and people were not encumbered by administrative rules.

So when Dr. Gary North says *establishment*, Old Uncle Milton translates to *Ruling Class*.  And the *Ruling Class* needs to be rebooted.  Unfunded.  Brought into the realm of the private sector.

And with the rebooting, the invisible hand of Mr. Market, can reignite the flame of competition.  And America can rise again, to be (once again) that shining city on the hill.



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