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Uncle Milton is the 99%, too

November 5, 2011

NOT Part of the 1%, I Must be in the 99%

Those Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters that *occupy* out teewee sets when the news comes on are right- that ragtag bunch of disparate views and visions ARE representing the 99%.  The certainly ARE NOT a part of the privileged 1%, you know those folks that gather the taxes of the worker bees, and distribute the booty to their campaign contributors that keep them in office.  So, when one thinks about it, this old coot MUST be in the 99%.

And consider this:  the teewee people (ugh-the Media)  have a stake in this, that is not allowing the 99% to see the BIG PICTURE, which is that when the 99 have the freedom from the 1%, that stuff of yesterday’s post, Establishment= = = Ruling Class where the tentacles of power and control reach into every aspect of the Country Class’ life, then prosperity can once again return to the majority.

Ruling Class has been destroying the Country Class

In my study of history, the Ruling Class has been gaining ground, that is, power and control, ever since 1913.  The year 1913 was a very bad year for freedom loving Americans.  1913 was the year the Federal Reserve came into being.  That one action    (another new law,yuck!)   transferred the power of America’s money system from the grubbermint to a cartel of private banks.  Until then, Americans used gold to transact their bigger purchases, and Americans used silver to transact their smaller puchases.  Since the inception of the stinkin’ Federal Reserve, (the Fed), little paper notes began to substitute for real money.  And some of us, Uncle Milton included, consider that those little green notes are made by COUNTERFEITERS.  They purport to represent a store of value, and yet they can be created out of nothing.  Their quantity can be inflated, at the will of the Fed, whenever they feel like it.

And the people that benefit from this malarkey?  Very good – dear reader- if you guessed that the 1% benefits from this.  The 99% suffer and the 1% benefit.  And THAT is why Uncle Milton has thrown in with the OWS protesters.  We are the ones that suffer.  And so a *reboot* is necessary.

Now Before You Click Away, Never to Return…

Being a highly opinionated individual has its risks, so please, dear reader, hang in there for just a little longer; give me just a little more time to explain.  I do not agree with ALL of what the crazy OWS protesters are protesting.  I know that there are communists, socialists, wack-job environmentalists, welfare-for-life (free lunch) people and blah,blah, blah.  These are, IMHO, folks that have just not studied history, or slow learners, who need to be exposed to the utter utility of property rights and individual liberty.  Their lot will improve, when the restrictions on FREE TRADE are lifted.

I ADMIRE those folks willing to get their heads busted, to object to the benefits laid on the ruling class.  And it really is an *Us versus them* situation.  And FREEDOM is the answer.  The federal reserve is at the heart of the problem.  The administrative bureaucracy keeps the power in their hands.  Freedom puts the power back in the hands of the people, the 99%.  So I will repeat something I recall from the 1960’s…



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