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November 2, 2011


Image by Pete Zarria via Flickr

Continues…Beans and Corn Vanishing

Greetings dear reader.  The Greater Bippus Area was blessed with another (yet another) beautiful autumn day, where the temps reached up into the upper sixties, and the sun shone.  That was just what the farmers wanted and they took full advantage, using the opportunity to combine either beans or corn.

By Uncle Milton’s unofficial poll 65% of the beans between here and Ligonier have been picked.  And the corn is swinging into harvest, unofficially at 29% cut.

That is a very rough estimate, but I would encourage you to get out and make your own little survey.  It is especially interesting when one gets into Amish country, as their methods are more typical of 1800’s America, where most machinery was horse drawn.  So their corn fields have those cute little corn pyramids, and their corn cribs are starting to fill with corn, still on the cob.

It was a beautiful afternoon for a drive in the country.  One must use caution, however, as the number of grain hauling trucks is at (or near) a peak.  Enjoy, but use extra caution!

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