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Another Beautiful Autumn Day

October 24, 2011

First Saturday, Now Sunday Overwhelmingly Beautiful

Well, dear reader it is cleanup time here in the Greater Bippus Area (GBA).  Since Junior was under the weather, he did not want to get up to make the two hour drive, to get in the drawing, to hunt duck at the Kankakee waterfowl refuge.  So we performed our clean up activities around the farm.

Junior removed one whole bucket-load of rabbit manure from under the cages. And I don’t mean a five gallon bucket, but the 7 foot bucket mounted on the front of the tractor.  That would be about ten five gallon buckets that he then spread on the north garden.  Rabbit manure is rather *sweet* so it can be applied directly without damaging the plants.

Old Uncle Milton harvested the five rows of dry beans from the west garden.  That about filled a 35 gallon (clean) trash can.  We will beat the bean plants against the side of the can, to loosen the beans from the pods, and then use the power of the wind to separate the chaff from the beans.

We also mowed down the west sweet corn patch which the ducks and a goose had made devoid of grain.  They nearly completely cleaned all the corn out, eaten right off the cob.

The Sun was Out, the Wind Died Down…

Saturday afternoon, so Old Uncle Milton headed out into his tree stand, to get a glimpse into the world of the whitetail.  The deer weren’t moving, and hunter and hunted apparently caught up on their rest.  Roughly, sleepy Milton got about forty winks in. Then watched the woods intently, and saw zero deer.

And then after church today,

We harvested the last of the north garden sweet corn, for the poultry and mowed that patch.  Harvested about 7 different types of tomato, for seed saving.  And picked I dunno about three bushels of red, icky tomatoes that were then fed to the chickens.  They are still working on those, but they like them rotten tomatoes a lot.

Low and behold, I found a decent cabbage in the west garden.  Also, some decent green peppers.  So I diced up an onion and a carrot and made a batch of cole slaw.  That ought to go well with the venison roast that is currently cooking in the dutch oven, in the camp fire pit outside.

So, slowly things are being prepared for winter.  There are still root crops to harvest; things like onions, beets, and carrots.  And more sweet corn to pick for the poultry.  We like to get a good cover of grass clipping onto the gardens.  So that is out there to complete.  But we will knock it out a little at a time.

We also let the chickens out of their big enclosure.  They have enjoyed free ranging around the yard and the gardens, now that there is little they can damage.  It is cool to see them foraging alongside the ducks and goose, saving us a little in feed cost.

You just gotta enjoy these nice autumn days while you can.

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