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OWS- and (NOT OR) the TEA Party

October 22, 2011

What Obama & Big Banks don’t want you to know

Old Uncle Milton can’t stay out of it any more.  The TeeWee is just shouting about the Occupy Wall Street folk, and I even heard blowhard Rush Limbaugh denigrating them. What I see, when I listen to the talking heads is a bunch that is trying to force this street demonstration into the mold of left versus right, red versus blue, one against zero.  A binary function.

This ain’t no binary function.

These street demonstrations, IMHO, are an indication of the ruling class having their way with the country class.  Once again, we will refer you to the wonderful article, by Angelo Codevilla, America’s Ruling Class.

Ain’t Binary in the Old Fashioned Sense

Maybe I was wrong.

The OWS demonstrations could be thought of as a battle between those who pay, and those who take;  as in taxpayers on one side and tax-feeders on the other.  The bad guys are once again the cabal of the grubbermint and the big banks.  The grub burr mint collects taxes from the middle class and the lower class that work and uses it to create influence with the big banks.  Of course, the banksters must acknowledge this favoritism, so they reward the elected grubs with large campaign contributions.

The ruling class establishment rewards itself.  The country class pays the bills.

But Wait…many protesters are Unemployed

Yeah they are.  The cycle of being taxed too much, with the proceeds going into the coffers of the executives of the Wall Street Banks is being demonstrated here.  “The few” get to go on vacation in the Caribbean, but the taxes removed from circulation (the payers can’t actually spend it, can they?) do not get spent in the market, and thus do not create demand, supply and j.o.b.s. .

Many are unemployed BECAUSE the bailouts removed populist spending from the market.  Had the 2008 bailout money been spent or invested by We, the People to buy shoes, and bikes and garden implements (!) that demand for products would be translated into jobs.

So the populist movement *OCCUPY* this or that is really an offshoot of the TEA Party revolt that started 3 years ago.  Many militant *offshoot* groups may be gettng the lion’s share of the publicity.  But the concept that THE People are being ripped off by THE Man, is not easy for the mainstream media to get around.


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  1. October 24, 2011 12:38 am

    Uncle Milton, I think you are way way off on this one. The OWS crowd are the leaches of society…just mad because their gravy train is coming to an end. They are not the TEA party, (at least I hope not). Most not even tax payers (except they no doubt get a government refund anyway). It is not that they don’t want government spending, they just want government to spend on their pet causes. Yeah, let’s forgive the college loans they took out for their Ivy league educations, or let’s thrown more money at failing schools because that means more union teachers, or let’s hire more government workers to process and approve their welfare payments. You are from an agricultural area. Are you telling me that no one around there takes farm subsidies? (Something I think should definitely be on the chopping block.) But I digress. I will never understand the class warfare mentality and I just cannot buy into it. Freedom is not looking at your well-to-do neighbor and thinking how can I get his money–a common theme of the OWS crowd if you actually listen to them.

    PS I tried to read the article you linked to, but it made no sense to me. Sorry.

    • Uncle Milton permalink*
      October 24, 2011 9:43 pm

      @2browndawgs- no need to be sorry, everyone has their own opinion.

      Undoubtedly, there are many scumbags in the crowd at the *Occupy* demonstrations. The media finds the most outlandish to boost their ratings, but if one thinks about “occupy wall street”, what is it that is special about wall street? Is it any different that oak street? Or pine street? Or main street?

      My opinion is that Wall Street is special because it is home to the largest investment banks, the very same banks that took tax money from we the people way back in 2008. And I am still hopping mad that *My Tax Money* was taken from me to give to them. Admittedly, the global warming protesters and the *there IS such a thing as a free lunch, and I want mine* crowd are not in agreement with me, but I see two bad guys in all this: the guys that took my money and the guys that received my money.

      So the freaks, and the dweebs, and the other nut-jobs that are fringe elements of the *Occupy* street demonstrations probably do not represent my point of view. But, inasmuch as they are protesting and hoping for change, well, so am I.



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