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Banes. As In Soy Banes

October 6, 2011

Soybean Harvest in G.B.A. Underway

Greetings, dear reader.  It has been sunny every day since Sunday in the Greater Bippus Area, and one can see the changes taking place in the “banes”.  That is a phonetical pronounciation that I picked from from one old boy, somewhere around Ypsilanti, Michigan one autumn day, when a buddy and I were asking permission to hunt some geese.  The old boy said geese, you want to hunt geese? Where?  And there was a big old flock of canada geese circling out in his field, so we pointed.  And the old boy said,  “Banes.  You want to hunt geese out in my banes?”  And everyone knows that you just don’t go out in the “banes” because they are dryer than the mohave desert, and they crack and break and then they cant be harvested, so we said no, we want to go around the banes, and sneak up on them thar geese and bushwack them.

And the old boy said no way.

Watchin’ the Banes Change Color

In the summer, the beans are a rich green color.  As autumn approaches, the plants start to turn yellow, then brown.  This year there is a wide variety of stages of maturity, the fields between Bippus and Ligonier (where old Uncle Milton works) range from yellow with green patches, to yellow to brown to dusty brown to dusty brown with no leaves to harvested field to harvested field that has been cultivated.

With some practice, one can tell the fields where the leaves have dropped (you can see down the rows REAL easy) and when the leaves have dropped, the banes are ready to be picked.

The boys have been cutting beans all week.  As a commuter through 40 miles of agricultural land, Old Uncle Milton has observed the plumes of dust where the combines are converting standing bean plants into bins full of soybeans and fields full of umm, well, plumes of dried up plant material.

Another Weird Phenomenon

Whenever the soybeans start getting harvested, scadzillions of ladybugs inundate our quiet little yard.  So if (for example) you are sitting on your porch, with your laptop on your lap, and forty gajillion ladybugs are trying to light on you, well you just kinda get used to it, but you are reminded that the soybean harvest is on, and those poor little cute bugs have been deprived of their home.

So they want to move into YOUR home.  Or MAKE  a home on your person.  So you just put up with it (like, what else CAN you do?) and you look forward to the cooler weather.  Cooler weather and bugs do not mix.

And if you are cruising out in the country remember to keep an eye out for farm equipment in transit on those old country roads.Sometimes they have flashing lights.  Most times they have a pretty orange triangle.  But not always.


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