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Sweet Spaghetti Sauce

October 3, 2011

ADHOC sauce tomate

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Aroma of Home-Made Sauce is Wonderful

Looking across the kitchen this Monday morning, Old Uncle Milton sees 18 quart jars of chunky red spaghetti sauce, sauce pans, pressure cooker parts, glass pans, and old ice cream containers with a variety of food items.  A giant mess, in other words.

But there is a deep satisfaction in viewing that mess.  It is the near-culmination of a weekend of food processing, the items at least are clean; they only need to be put away.

How We Got Here

Dear Wifey wanted some help picking tomatoes on Saturday morning.  Done.  We picked about 1 1/4 bushel.  Little Princess then washed the tomatoes, and helped Wifey get them sliced and run through the *Squeezo Strainer*.  Then it was time for Little Princess to go to Outdoor Skills Girl Scouts meeting, so Uncle Milton took the handle of the squeezo.  Middle Forgotten Child, Junior showed up and helped, too.

The rendered tomato sauce simmered on the stove all the rest of the day Saturday.  After Girls Scouts,  Wifey returned with a *bunch* of garlic from the store, and began pressing that and adding it to the onions, special spices and ultimately, into the sauce.

And the sauce simmered on.

It is challenging not to burn the sauce, by trying to reduce it too fast.  It had cooked down about a half inch over night; but YEAH, TEAM!, it was not burned when we woke.  After church, we turned the burner up a bit, and reduced it the rest of the way.  The sweet smell of the tomato sauce reducing, especially with all that garlic, and onion fills the whole first floor.  One can even smell it in the attached garage.  Mmmmmm.

And then it was time to run the hot water bath canner.  Old Uncle Milton had no part in that, as there were fences to put up, tractors to repair, pools to winterize and stuff.  The wonderful smell of that sauce, lasting most of the weekend, will be with us for a while.

How long would it take you to finish off 18 quarts of spaghetti sauce?  That smell will be even better the next time(s) we experience it.

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