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Novel Garden Project-Cold Frames

October 1, 2011

Why Cold Frames Should Be In Your Garden

Cold frames are just that-frames that separate the cold from your garden inside.  We have been dabbling with cold frames, unofficially, here in the G.B.A. for a couple of years.  With mixed success.  But then I read an article that really motivated me to want some REAL COLD FRAMES.

(Note to Dear Readers…”Unofficially” can be translated to *We chuck an old window over the raised bed, when the night is forcasted to be cool, and then remove it the next morning when things warm up a bit.  This works ok when the plants are very tiny, but with only a couple inches of clearance from the soil to the glass, well, you see the issue; and the use of the term unofficially.)

The article was written by Joseph Mercola over at the Lew Rockwell site. HERE is the link to the entire article. Watch the video first-that is what I found inspiring.  Just the title “Dramatically Slash Your Food Bill…”  man, that is inspiring isn’t it?

So even though the gardening season is continuing in the G.B.A. we are thinking that three of our north-to-south running raised beds (now dormant and weed infested) ought to be *un-raised* and the sidewalls removed and re-oriented, as illustrated in the video.  Orienting them with a high side to the north, and their length east to west, will allow those old windows (currently stacked out of view, in the tall weeds) to be permanently installed on hinges, and be ready for Spring 2012 planting of our favorite cool weather crops.

Extending the harvest season sure sounds like a great idea to Old Uncle Milton.  And a little extra jingle in the pocket (with that *dramatic savings*) well, that would not be too bad either.  Do YOU have a little space where a cold frame could be installed?  We would sure like to hear about it.

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