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Dear “Public Servant”, You Are Not Good Enough

September 23, 2011

The American Ruling Class

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A Case For Unseating All Incumbents

Is anyone happy with the way things are in this country?

Naw, me neither.  At every instance, it seems to me that *public servants* are trying to increase their power over us, at the expense of our Liberty, our Time, and our Money.   If they are not scheming to invade our person, papers, property, e-mail or effects, then they are scheming to take more of our stuff.  Somehow, the idea of public service has been transformed into public nuisance.

So I was pleased to read in my e-mail the other day, a note from an old friend that ended with the line *I will not vote for ANY incumbent*.  And this got me to thinking…

Codevilla‘s *Ruling Class*

If there is hope for We the People, it must come from We the People.  If you spend some time reading“America’s Ruling Class” you may get to a place where professional politicians have no place in your life.  Just like Old Uncle Milton.  Codevilla succinctly describes the class of people that have infiltrated our government at every level, and in most cases these people, smooth talking with big smiles, are YOUR ENEMY.  They unendingly seek to control you.  They are anathema to the American Way.

Uncle Milton’s Voting Solution

So whenever an election comes around here in the Greater Bippus Area, Old Uncle Milton has resolved to make a change in his habits.  Firstly, of all the incumbents, identify any that might be a part of the *Country Class* as defined by author Codevilla.  (Hint: there will be none, or maybe one, but elected folks like this are extremely rare.  Google Ron Paul for an example).  Now unless you are willing to be engaged above and beyond the voting cycle, scratch off the names of the incumbents.  Incumbents get no vote. None.  Just because they smile, and speak intelligently does not qualify them to be a public servant.

The above is most easily accomplished with the use of an absentee ballot. Do not actually write on the official form, but we are thinning down the selections, so now all the incumbents are OFF THE LIST.

Next, investigate the background of the remainder, one at a time.  Has this individual been elected to office before? (Hint: this is a bad omen, an indication of someone from the ruling class)  Now from the remainder of the candidates, what is their government service record?  (Hint: less is more, more government service is BAD.)  Scratch any that indicate a predisposition towards being a consumer of tax money.

Now on many ballots you will have scratched off the names of all the candidates for that one office, by researching just two names.  That is ok.  If you as lazy as Old Uncle Milton, just WASTE THIS VOTE by selecting “NOTA”.  N.O.T.A. is an acronym for None of the Above.  No good choices = N.O.T.A. = NO CONSENT from me.  If you have a little more energy just write in the name of the leader of the local TEA Party. Almost 100% guaranteed that they are a member of the country class.

Now if there are other names on the ballot for that particular office, look at their background.  Unemployed?  Small business owner?  Clerk or fast food restaurant experience or receptionist or auto mechanic or gas station attendant or any other background in the private sector that is not an overall consumer of tax money?  (Hint: these are people that PAY the taxes that the Ruling Class consumes.  A GOOD thing)


We can ill afford any *Public Servants* in the future that have been tax-feeders.  Their solutions to everything will be to tax the private sector people more, and to *give* that tax money to themselves, their friends, and people just like them.

We must find a way to elect *Private Individuals* into public office, so they can adopt real world solutions- especially restoring our lost liberties, protecting our individually earned income (to be spent in the private sector) and re-establishing that the government’s only purpose for existing is to protect our rights.  Please review the Bill of Rights, One link to the Bill of Rights is HERE that is the first ten amendments to the constitution and the Preamble to the Bill of Rights, for a quick summary of how far gone we are.

In Old Uncle Milton’s opinion, it is going to take a commitment by a whole new group of private sector individuals, operating as public servants, to bring our country back to its former status.  And freedom must be the foremost solution to every problem that can ever be resolved by our governments.  Should our public servants ever err, let it be on the side of freedom, because it is better to be too free than to be not free enough.


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