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Getting Turkey Done

September 21, 2011

Turkey- From Pavo Tractor to Turkey Deep Fryer

In our last EXCITING ADVENTURE POST we had just separated a turkey from it’s head, and we had left it flopping on the grass, with it’s blood spurting out everywhere. After the axe fell, the chopper and the puppy observer both departed the area, while the decapitated turkey did it’s death dance,  and became meat.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that no one that I know of likes  killing their livestock, but now that that dirty deed is behind us, the processing can begin.  One thing that really makes the de-feathering process efficient is scalding.  For our turkey, we used the hot water bath canner, over an open fire.

Hot Water Bath Canner Warming on an Open Fire

We actually started heating the water in the canner up before we killed  the turkey, as this heating of several gallons of water can take a while.  When it was up to a boil, we chopped the turkey, and after the ensuing gruesomeness, brought it over to the canner For a quick submersion.

Turkey about to be Scalded

The bird gets submerged for a minute or so, and this will loosen the skin around the base of the feathers, and allow for easy plucking.

A Partially Plucked Bird

This bird went back into the boiling water a second time, before all the feathers were removed.  There were still many quills and pinfeathers, which the *Littlest Princess* lovingly removed (hmmph) while Old Uncle Milton fired up the turkey deep fryer.  The bird was about a thirteen pounder, and required about 45 minutes in the deep fryer. And forty-five minutes is a very (damn) long time for old Uncle Milton to wait for his supper.

But, If you have ever had Deep Fried Turkey

Deep fried turkey is one of those just plain GREAT meals.  And Home-Grown deep fried turkey is even better.  You know, dear reader, exactly, what I am talking about if you have ever had deep fried turkey.  And if you have not then you need to expand your circle of friends, to include someone with a turkey deep frier.  And then get a turkey and bring it on over to your friend’s place, (with the prerequisite ice-cold case of beers) and find out what you have been missing.

This one bird provided the family with one great big turkey dinner, a batch of turkey noodle soup that lasted for a week, and turkey sandwiches, and another pile of turkey that went into the freezer for a future “Gobblin-Good Turkey Casserole”.

But now you know how that potential Thanksgiving Dinner gets from here to there.  Now you see the Rest of the story”.

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