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Shorter Days

September 16, 2011

Summer Coming to an End

The View from Bippus now includes an 8 week old Yellow Labrador Retriever.  The little guy is taking up whatever slack there was in Old Uncle Milton’s schedule.  And with the sun falling onto the western horizon sooner each evening, well my dear readers may have noticed considerable less posting activity.

So with summer winding down, the shorter days, the demands of a young pup, and the garden yielding up nature’s finest in one big hurry, you- dear reader get a little less of the View.

From Bippus.

So, Here is the Skinny

The tomatoes are coming, richly.  Sweet corn plantings number two and three, although weak from the drought are yielding up some small ears.  Brocolli and cabbage have a couple more *servings* to yield up.  We have a bunch of butternut squashes to harvest, and some carrots and onions are getting ready to be  pulled up. The green beans are done.  There may be some potatoes out in the west garden, it is hard to tell, what with them all grown under by the weedus gianticus.  And we are waiting for the dry beans, well, to dry.

And we have seen some of the farmers in the general area starting to take some corn off.  It is interesting to see one field of corn removed while the one right across the road still fully green.  Soybeans are not ready yet, but some will be ready soon.

And so it goes.  One thing we hadn’t planned on (too much) was the demands of a new pup.  Pictures to follow.

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  1. September 16, 2011 11:19 pm

    No, no, no. You have a new pup and we want, no DEMAND, lots and lots of pictures. There should definitely be more posting with a new pup. 😉

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