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9/11 and “the war on terror”

September 13, 2011

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

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or, Destruction of 200 plus years of Liberty

Sorry, Dear Reader, but Old Uncle Milton is still in a bit of a tizzy, what with all the *we will never forget* bullshit plastering the airwaves about the World Trade Center Attack.  And we should not forget the people who were the casualties of those idiot Saudis that highjacked the planes.  Similarly, we should NEVER FORGET that before those idjits did what they did, that America was the freest country on the planet.  Perhaps, the freest country the world had ever known.

You might recall hearing George W. Bush saying that *they* hate us because of our freedom.  So what is the first thing that our grub’mint does after the attack?  They pass the ill-conceived “Patriot Act” , so as to give the idjits from Saud a reward, at our expense.  Does that make any sense to you?

Naw, me neither.  So I was just surfing around the Intar-Webz, and I check out Lew Rockwell (and I hope you do too!) and I come across a link there to an article at *The Daily Bell*.  And so I think “ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for YOU” and I click on the link and find that the bell tolls for YOUR Liberty.

And author Anthony Wile points out that there is a whole load of information about the day of the attack that is still being withheld from you and I.  A whole boat load.  So the idjits in Warshington pass (ahem) the Patriot Act, start destroying the rights Americans had before The Day of THE Attack, start spying on us, big brother style, reward the frickin’ perpetrators, and keep us in the dark.

Does that make you mad?

You should be mad.  You may have picked up on Old Uncle Milton’s pissed-offedness in the last couple of posts.  I am extremely jealous of my liberty, and yours.  So the loss of Liberty, is something worth fighting about.  It is worth fighting to the point of death.  Liberty is worth dying for.

And you may have heard that on the tee-wee lately, i.e. that the U.S. Military is *over there* fighting and dying for your liberty.  In the meantime, you and I are paying the bills to kill people on the other side of the world that did NOT attack us.  Said another way, we are paying to attack others, in the name of “protecting our liberties”, while our own grub’mint destroys our liberties.

Does that piss you off?   Is it confusing?  Our grub’mint takes our cash, takes our liberty, takes our children, and uses all that to kill foreigners.  Then they tell us that they are *keeping us free*.  Since I am so pissed off, I am thinking that the peaceful way to fight back against all this is to vote.

Vote against every incumbent.  Party is of no importance.  If the incumbent is running for re-election, the incumbent does not get my vote.  If the incumbent is running unopposed, then NO VOTE will be cast for that office.  If the incumbent’s opposition from the primary election IS WORSE than the incumbent, choose from the *other* candidates.

Anyone that has a history of elected office…gets no vote either.  Much like the hero in the Tom Clancy novel “Executive Orders” I don’t want Professional Politicians,  I want farmers, I want ranchers, I want auto mechanics; anyone that works for a living and gets the job done.  Ruling Class personnel need not apply.  If the *Two Major Parties* continue to provide only Ruling Class Professional Politicians, I will take my ball and bat and my vote elsewhere.

Patriot Act, the War on a Tactic (terror?), Universal Healthcare, Report your Suspicious Neighbor?  Pretty much all of the laws passed since the World Trade Center Attack need to be removed.  Repealed.  Gone.  Just like the assholes in Warshington.  All of them.

Except Ron Paul, who needs to be in the White House.

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