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Nine-Eleven This, Nine-Eleven That

September 11, 2011

How I Have Grown to HATE Nine-Eleven

The broadcast world is full of it.  Nine-eleven blah, blah, blah. Tee-Wee spews an endless stream of 9-1-1.  The radio- another endless stream of jibberish,   9 (blah) -1 (blah,blah), -1 (BLAAAH!)  .  Newspapers?  FUHGETTABOUDIT.  They are jam packed as well.

And then there is   THIS…the *memory* of 911 article by Eric Peters on the Lew Rockwell page.  Now, if you have been to Lew Rockwell’s site, you know that they provide solid news from the Anti-State, Anti-War and Pro-Market perspective.  Peters normally writes interesting columns about automobiles.  The memory of 911 article is just, well, curious.  Interesting.  Go ahead, click on it, check it out.  I will wait for you here.

The World Trade Center Catastrophe

Even visitors from outer space, by now, know that a terrible catastrophe occurred on September the Eleventh, in the Year of our Lord 2001.  Horrible it was.  Many lives were lost.  Awful.

The perpetrators from Saudi Arabia were successful in their quest to destroy all things American.  They caused tremendous death and destruction.  They started us on an international man hunt. They drove us to invade two countries other than Saudi Arabia, where our boys and girls are still being killed ten years later.  (BTW: we have lost more souls in those two wars than were lost in the World Trade Center)

Those World Trade Center attackers caused untold grief, not the least of which is the SEA CHANGE that has come over my country.  Those bastards have ruined everything.

Those Saudi Bastards Ruined Nearly Everything

Before the attack

  • Americans would not take their shoes off to fly on a plane
  • Americans were not *surveilled* by agents of their government
  • Bank transactions in any amount were not suspicious
  • Cash was not a crime
  • Americans were not asked to spy on their neighbors
  • People who served in the military had to do something *heroic* before they were tagged as *Heros*
  • The taxpayers were not in debt that could never be payed back
  • The government had a great credit rating, and
  • “Inflation” was a sustainable 2-3% per year

The Saudi Bastards who attacked the World Trade Center were successful in changing the standard of living of the most powerful country in the world.  They were successful because we have let them.  We have allowed changes to occur that those dead stinkin Saud Bastards would approve of.

Their Success Pisses Me Off

America was great, because America was good.  America was strong because America was a non-interventionalist country that pursued business and trade.  America used to have a small government committed to protecting the Rights of its People, that acted on the behalf of the people,  that pursued policies that were good for business, and good for creating jobs.  There were low taxes, and long term stability that business and industry could count on for long term planning.  Foreign interventions of a military nature used to be declared by the U.S. Congress, and were fought to win; get in, beat the bad guys, and get out.  Government employees actually served as public servants, not as a class of entitled tax-feeders who go on strike and demand better pay, or shorter hours.

Government spending was in control (See THIS.)  The people were mostly employed. Taxes were low, and the future was certain.

So, for today, here is one old patriot that WILL NOT be partaking of the *grief fest* that today’s date has come to represent.  Old Uncle Milton WILL be working to restore this country to the way it was.



The terrorists were successful.  And I am damn mad about it.

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