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More thoughts on *Nine-eleven*

September 11, 2011

How 9-11 Fails, Why 9/11 Sucks, and other Thoughts

Quote- “ I will not be celebrating America’s undeclared wars on countries that had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks ten years ago. I will not be attending remembrances of victims of that day, because those remembrances refuse to count American liberty, rule of law, and freedom of trade and movement uppermost on that list of the sacrificed. I will not attend any program offered by a religious or political organization that seeks to ride a federal government bandwagon to confirm some imperative of war against Islam halfway around the world, or that seeks to promote the false concept of a culture war as somehow God’s intent for America.  ” unquote Karen Kwiatkowski from the Lew Rockwell website.

Old Uncle Milton just spent a bunch of time on Facebook, commenting on other people’s status, to encourage them to quit with the nostalgia shit, celebrating the fact that the infidels poor bastards in Iraq and Afghanistan that are the target of American weapons probably don’t have a heck of a lot of a relationship with the people who attacked the World Trade Center ten years ago, (and are still dead, by the way).  And those poor bastards, in I&A probably could not muster a pea shooter’s worth of hostility toward Americans if we had no troops in their homeland.

It is time to end those wars.

Peace.  More Americans have died in I&A than died at the Twin Towers.  Isn’t it time that we took a stand, based on principle,  and ended the *punishment*?  Peace.  I want it.

Peace.  And Forgiveness.

This morning (it being Sunday and all) I was reminded that….Wrath and anger are hateful things.  Yet the sinner hugs them tight.  (Book of Sirach 27:30)  The time for wrath and anger is …never.  The time for peace is now.  The time to forgive?  Not seven times, said the man named Jesus, but seventy-seven times we ought to forgive.

And I mean we should forgive and get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan now.  Forgive ourselves for killing and maiming and engaging in hostilities without a declaration of war.  Enough is enough, the time for peace is here.

To read more from the retired U.S. Air Force Major, and Lew Rockwell writer, Karen Kwiatkowski, try this link:Kwiatkowski on lew rockwell’s site

I particularly liked the line she wrote near the end of her article…,

In the afternoon, I’ll be in Charlottesville, Virginia, learning about local apprenticeship and crafts demonstrations. In the evening, I’ll check the livestock and gather the eggs”. 

Uncle Milton will do that same thing.  But before that I intend to deep fry a turkey.

More on that another time.  Peace.

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